Responsibility and sustainable development part of our products and their life cycle

The management of sustainable development and responsibility at UTU is based on the company’s values, strategy and operating principles. We promote this development by offering advanced solutions for the needs of various stakeholders. We actively manage operations through an action plan. Responsibility and accountability are part of our operating principles. We are ethical, and responsibility and sustainable development are key terms in both our products and the way we think and work.

UTU’s products as part of society’s sustainable development

We develop, manufacture and bring to the market high-quality products, solutions and services for the needs of the electricity and energy sector. In the electricity and energy sector, the long lifetime of products are the best proof of sustainable development. UTU Oy’s products are designed to last for decades. We are part of the supply chain that electrifies society and offers solutions to promote digitalization and infrastructure. In our product management, we consider the entire product life cycle.

UTU’s product development has promoted the development of a more comprehensive charging range for electric cars. With our extensive collection, we can offer our customers the latest technology for charging an electric car, covering high-quality charging stations, advanced load management features and a charging management platform.

For us at UTU, responsibility in product development and product life cycle means that we choose partners, products, components and systems in such a way as to ensure their usability and adaptability long into the future. Interfaces and the operation of software updates are part of our life cycle thinking.

“One charger, one tree”

In cooperation with our partners, we want to promote environmental protection. Through EVBox products, we are committed to a separate development program, where trees are planted for each charging station sold. Each new charging station also represents new growth here.

UTU’s comprehensive product family includes versatile and flexible solutions from electricity distribution switchgear, transformers, real estate switchboards and components. We constantly invest in product development and also in new products. Examples of these include the EV distribution switchboards launched at UTU, and other upcoming novelties. Through these new products, our impact on an electrified and lower-emission future will increase even more.

In accordance with UTU’s customer promise, we can and we will!

And we will continue this work in the future as well.

UTU Oy on aktiivisesti kehittänyt johtamista, toimintaperiaatteita ja käytäntöjä vastuullisuudessa, ympäristönsuojelussa, turvallisuudessa sekä hyvinvoinnissa. UTU Oy noudattaa toiminnassaan kansainvälisten johtamisjärjestelmästandardien vaatimuksia ja näihin on ulkopuolisen SGS Fimkon sertifioinnit (ISO 9001: Laadun johtamisjärjestelmä, ISO 14001: Ympäristönhallinnan johtamisjärjestelmä ja ISO 45001: Työterveys- ja Turvallisuushallinnan johtamisjärjestelmä).

UTU has actively developed management, operating principles and practices in responsibility, environmental protection, safety and well-being. UTU complies with the requirements of international management system standards in its operations and these include the certifications of the external SGS Fimko (ISO 9001: Quality management system, ISO 14001: Environmental management system and ISO 45001: Occupational health and safety management system).

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