UTU Invest Oy

UTU Invest Oy is an agile, familyowned investment company with over a hundred years of tradition. We are committed to supporting responsible and sustainable business. Is your company looking for a reliable investment partner? Get in touch and let’s talk more.

UTU Invest´s root are in the electrical and automation industry

UTU Invest Oy was founded in 2019 and its roots date back to Urho Tuominen Oy, which was established in 1919 and successfully operated in the field of electrical and automation. UTU Invest Oy owns the majority of the UTU Group, which operates in the electrical and automation sector, and acts as the parent company for the group.

UTU Group’s operational business is conducted through the Urho Tuominen Oy and its subsidiaries. The subsidiaries operate in Finland, Norway, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Group´s turnover in 2022 was 55 million euros and it employed 190 people.

UTU’s brand promise is ”Can and Will”. UTU is big enough to have deep expertise and extensive networks, but at the same time agile enough to serve customers flexibly and develop new business.

Supporting responsible business

Responsibility and sustainable development are values that we uphold in all our businesses. Thus, our investment activities are also carried out in accordance with the principles of responsible investing.

According to our investment policy, we can invest in companies operating in different industries, with businesses contributing to sustainable development.

UTU Invest takes part in both diversified and direct investments according to its investment policy.

We support your business

As in investor, we can best support target companies in early and transformation phases, when the company is seeking financing and business supporting expertice and networks. The owners of UTU Invest have experience from board work in SME and growth companies, as well as operative management and expert positions in entrepreneural, private equity owned and listed companies.

We are happy to discuss different investment opportunities, so please contact us and let us know, how can we help you.

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UTU Invest Oy
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Chairman of the Board
Nina Sarén
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